Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Weekend Mystery Party.

Sorry for my absence! I am in a play that premiers in less than 2 weeks, so my practice schedule has been hectic lately! However, after a long practice on Saturday, I went out with a couple friends to a "weekend mystery party." My fabulous friend, Kelly, got us on the VIP list, so we hung out in style the whole night! I wore a black and brown outfit. Let me start by saying that five years ago I would have NEVER done that. I used to think it couldn't get worse than wearing black and brown in the same outfit. Now? I love the combo! The two ways I love most are a) blocking the color, like I did in my outfit below, or b) adding accents of one color, with the majority of the outfit being the other color. (i.e. All black dress with a brown belt and brown shoes or an all black dress with a big brown necklace as the focal point of the outfit, like mine below.)

bcbg Mendel boot finished off the outfit!

Vintage La Rose bracelet (my new love!) and my "?" stamp which signified my status as VIP :)

Christmas gift from mom & dad. I am crazy about this necklace! It makes any outfit interesting!

Saturday night = success.


  1. LOVE the dress and necklace! The shoes... totally cute, but I would DIE! (And be like 6 feet tall! ha).

  2. Those shoes are amazing! The heel is tres tres chic :D

  3. love love LOVE the boots
    thanks for sharing as always
    love your blog, keep it up