Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lindsay's Loving...

I'm back for another round of "Lindsay's Loving..." This will become a regular post on my blog, and it's one I find myself getting really excited about writing! I wanted to share something I've been eyeing and loving for weeks now: scarves by We Are Owls. I knew I would love a line designed by three friends who "always put fashion and art in the same sentence." I will always love these scarves for their ability to go with anything, but We Are Owls scarves pack a quirky, unique punch that will not go unnoticed! Here are my faves:

The other thing I am completely obsessed with is my Jeffrey Campbell "Nena" sandal. The bronze color goes perfectly with a summer tan, and they actually act as a neutral so I wear them with practically everything!
Side note: Found of picture of Kim Kardashian wearing them a couple weeks ago. What a cute outfit!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Classic Lindsay.

I've never been one that would describe my style as "classic," but this purse is speaking to me....and it SCREAMS classic! It's beautiful and would be something to be cherished for decades to come! (side note: if anyone knows my fiance, please pass this along to him.) hehe

Out of this world incredible Fendi.
Pic from Vouge US August 2010.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wishing Upon...

Drool-worthy. Every piece.

Alice & Olivia

Alice & Olivia again...

J. Crew pants. For $650. Really J. Crew?
Get over yourself... you're no Alexander Wang or D&G.
No need for $650 pants. No matter what they're made of!
...... I do love them though. haha

Prada Peeptoe Booties. A classic with a little twist.
A shoe staple!

Off to buy a lotto ticket now! Good night lovelies ;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wear Sleeveless.

My aunt (the one that has the store Kittie Kyle that I always talk about) always meets fun, interesting people, and when she does, she tells them about me. Ha! I tell her that she is my "PR person!" I have meet several wonderful people and gained many new friends because of her. A few weeks ago, she called and told me she had met this "cute, funny, and incredibly stylish girl" in Kittie Kyle. The girl's name is Kyah, and she is one-half of the duo that make up Wear Sleeveless. My aunt gave her my info, saying we needed to meet each other because we had so much in common. Kyah and I met, had coffee, and went to the incredibly chic Sleeveless store that has just opened. Nestled in the oh-so-cute Edgehill Village area of Nashville, the store is painted an inky black, which is the perfect backdrop to showcase all the incredible jewelry. I got to try on everything in the store and was REALLY TEMPTED to buy about 4 pieces...including one show-stopping piece called "Nilah" that won't even debut until the spring! (That made me feel really special to see something not available to the public yet & have the opportunity to buy it!) Needless to say, I got once piece that will be a staple in my everyday jewelry. Here are some pictures that Kyah was so sweet to send me. Check out the lovely pieces below, and if you would like purchase info, click "shop" on their website. To see more picture of their shop and stunning pieces, check out the Wear Sleeveless blog!

The two white cuffs can be worn with wedding dresses!

I have the black wrap bracelet, bottom left.
The one on the bottom right is their best seller.

The "Nilah" cuff that I fell in love with! It's stunning on the arm!

Kelli Pickler wore a SLEEVELESS necklace and bracelet for the CMT Awards!

Kyah also has an awesome blog everyone should check out here!
Hope everyone goes to check out their amaizng pieces!

P.S. Check out Fashion Maven's blog for a great giveaway!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Peachy Keen.

There is one dessert you just have to make in the summer, especially if you live below the Mason Dixon Line... COBBLER! This versatile dessert is one I've had multiple times every summer ever since I can remember. It never disappoints. My favorite is peach cobbler, with blackberry coming in a close second. My mom and I were experimenting in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago when I was home for a visit. We combined this recipe with parts of this one. The biscuit-like topping was very thick, so if you like a thin chewy top to your cobbler, spread the mixture very thin or replace mixture with ready made pie crust. Either way, the peach mixture was out of this world! Definitely making another cobbler before Labor Day!

Mom cutting the cold butter into pieces before putting it into the food processor.

Melting the butter before cooking the peach mixture.

Simmering the peaches so the mixture thickens.

Drop biscuit dough on top to make crust.

Finished product.

Heaven in a bowl!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lindsay's Loving...

I always enjoy reading about things people really love or use on a daily basis. For instance, my love for Ouidad products came from reading what the editors at In Style magazine said was the "must-have product for people with curly hair." (Enter: my obsession for the whole product line) Then, I stumbled upon Spanx because I read Kate Hudson swears by them on the red carpet! (Who knew?!) My point is, if it weren't for reading about some one's favorite something, I wouldn't have found a lot of my current favorite things now. I love the concept so much that I thought I would start a weekly post on things I'm currently into or down right obsessed with! I hope you guys enjoy these posts, and PLEASE share some of your favorites with me! xx

Currently loving...

Best hummus I've had in a loooooong time (that isn't homemade)
Side note: Their plain ol' original hummus is great, too!

Heard of Beach Body products? Well, Beach Body is responsible for coming up with this shake. Basically it helps your body get rid of toxins in a gentle way, while helping you absorb all the essential nutrients you need. I kid you not, the chocolate flavor is the most decadent thing I've EVER tasted in terms of anything that is supposed to be "healthy" for you. Click here for more info. Click here to order it. The blog I've linked here is Mind Body and Cupcakes, a fitness blog by two of my friends here in Nashville. If anything, just check out their blog! Both are incredible people, who have an inspiring couples weight-loss story! You will instantly fall in love with them, as I did. I am proud of their journey to a healthy lifestyle and proud to call them friends! They are Beach Body reps and will be happy to answer any questions you have about Shakeology. Shakeology has less calories, more protein, and way more vitamins & minerals than most shakes I've found. I LOVE THIS STUFF! (Especially the Chocolate Covered Strawberry recipe!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Obsession.

We all know what I love... Here are some fabulous pieces that you can wear from now until the snow melts next spring! (Ugh, I just mentioned snow didn't I? Sorry yall!)

Adrienne Landau Leopard Spot Rabbit Vest

Eugenia Kim Leopard Pattern Knit Beret

Torn by Ronny Kobo Zigzag Pleat Dress

Banana Republic Leopard Print Haircalf Belt

Nine West Paoletta Shoe

K Jacques St. Tropez
Caravelle leopard-print sandals

Alexander McQueen
Leopard skull silk-chiffon scarf

A couple different ways to wear leopard...
Gianvito Rossi Velvet and mesh leopard spot shoes

Mulberry Purple Red Loopy Leopard Print Dress

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wedding Shoes!!

WOW! I am getting married in 3 months and 6 days! I really can't believe it!! I am keeping all the details of my wedding under wraps until afterwards, then I shall do a fabulous post on it all! I promise :) There is one tiny detail I wanted to share with you all though...MY SHOES! I've known for a long time what kind of shoe I wanted, but the exact design and color of the shoe had to wait until I picked out my dress. These are my dream shoes, without a doubt! I am so incredibly excited to wear them on the most special day of my life!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures and the story behind them!

Louboutins are my dream shoe. I knew I wanted them in a color
and style that would be timeless, and ones that I could wear
again and again and again and again!

However, I also knew they would need that "omph" to take them over the edge. I've been collecting vintage shoe clips since my aunt gave me my first pair earlier this year. I love the unique, timeless look of vintage rhinestone shoe clips. Finding the perfect set of shoe clips wouldn't be easy, I knew. With the help of my mom and aunt, I knew we could find them though! Sure enough - on one of my mom's trips she found me the PERFECT pair...

They fit perfectly on my shoes and looked amazing with the dress!!

My something "old," shoe clips from the 1930s/40s

These shoes will help me start the next chapter of my life!

I probably should have waited and taken better shots of the shoes, but I just couldn't wait! I was SO excited to share the pictures with you all! Have a great week! xx