Friday, July 30, 2010

Lately it's been random.

Hello my sweet friends!! First of all, let me state for the record: I am so sorry I've been neglecting my blog this summer. I am trying to get better, starting TODAY! :) I've been traveling a ton, working, and planning a wedding - which is like having two full-time jobs! That's no excuse though, because I do love blogging. Also, a lot of bloggers have boyfriends/husbands that take their pictures. Well, my little honey is all over the country - and never here -  so that makes it hard to get daily outfit pictures. His off-season starts in October, so I hope to do many many more outfit posts once he's back in Nashville! I promise!

Enough of that...

Been gone a lot lately, so I wanted to share some of the randomness with you all. Do you ever have those random weeks that's busy but not really? Well, I have, and I am about to share some of it with you! Many of the pictures were taken with my iPhone, so sorry if the quality isn't up to par! I am doing a post on my wedding shoes in the next couple of days! I am SO excited to share them! Stay tuned!

My favorite candle right now!

Two things you need to know:
1. That wine from Bin 36 in Chicago is AMAZING! Had it on my first trip there last year
and had to stop in to buy another bottle when I was there in June!
2. Cooking with that habanero infused oil makes everything SO much better!
Get it at Whole Foods.

Stayed in one night last week and whipped this up.
This is what happens when you try and cook a meal with little
planning and nothing in your fridge...

Sushi at one of my fave Nashville places &
then went to see "Inception." Crazy!

Vintage Whiting & Davis snake bracelet - I collect these!

Shorts: J Crew; Tank: Bebe; Wedges: Juicy Couture

My fave jewelry combo lately.

Best mojito I've ever had:
Strawberry mojito at Z Grille in St. Petersburg, FL

2004 Cosentino Winery Legends Cab
This wine was created in conjunction with basketball
great, Larry Bird. It was surprisingly really, really good!

Lavender infused macaroon... so unique and yummy!

My new favorite snack!

Cute, hand painted bangles, a gift from my good friend Deanna!

While home this past weekend, my grandmother and I went wine tasting
at a local winery. I usually don't like sweet wines, but this
Strawberry Strut wine from Crown Winery was my fave!
Cocktail pics were a gift from my grandmother.

iPhone picture of some of the china I registered for!
I am mixing and matching a couple of patterns...
Yall know I had to add leopard print in there somewhere!
(Even though my little honey isn't a huge fan, haha)

My parents have a lake house on the KY lake/TN river.
My whole family goes up every weekend during the summer!
This is the view from their dock...I adore this place!


  1. The candle looks great! Love your jewelry combo too :)

  2. I LOVE your gray shorts! So cute on you, and really chic.
    xo Josie

  3. luv your life..Most positive beautiful person I was ever introduced to.. You are gonna be a beautiful bride!!

  4. Really LOVING those shorts!! They're right up there with that mojito! :)

  5. I must try that habanero oil...I bet it's awesome in food! And, that mojito looks so yummy...I def need to try it, since it's only 15 min. from me! :D
    Love love LOVE your snake bracelet...I have a thing for snakes and tigers...vintage jewelry is my fave...


  6. Welcome back Lindsay love your outfit you are def rocking those shorts :)

  7. ADORE that outfit. Simple yet classy at the same time!

  8. those peanut butter dippers look very good!! gonna have to try that out!

    love the outfit! The white watch is beautiful and i love the combo with that bracelet.

  9. Hey!!! ok a few things... where are you from? I only ask this because my bff lives in Nashville and u have been to Z Grille, which is where I live...

    I love love love your wedges. The china is gorg!

    lol sorry for the long post.

    e-mail me:


  10. Like the outfit! You've got a nice blog. I'll follow you from now on. Hope you'll follow me too!

  11. Yay to cocktails! I'm a Bellini girl :-) but I don't say no to Mojitos, especially in St Tropez - just got back from a short holiday in the south of France (pics on my blog, if interested!).