Monday, May 31, 2010

And the winner is...

Hey there everyone! Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! I am ready to announce the WINNER of the giveaway!!! However, my "great" idea of how the winner was going to be picked didn't exactly work out. The number of runs scored in all 7 games added up to more than the number of people who entered the giveaway. (bummer!) So I just decided I would go to and figure something out. Now, first of all, I am in NO way savvy about how to import things into my blog (like the actual # generator from, make my pictures bigger than "large" without cutting them off, etc. (So if anyone can give me some hints about how to make my pictures bigger on the blog,  feel free to help a clueless girl out!)
So... because of my cluelessness (Is that a word?) I just took a picture of the outcome...

AND THE WINNER IS..............

Rocker Chic over at I Would So Rock This is the proud new owner of the fabulous BCBG ring!! She has a great blog, so definitely go check it out!

Thank you all for entering my very first giveaway! I am doing another one soon, once I hit 150 followers!
Thanks to all who made the "100 Follower Giveaway" possible!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ahhh! I am SO sorry I've been MIA. Between work, wedding planning, and going to Atlanta on Thursday to see my little honey, I've been busy! Just drove 6 hours from ATL to my parents lake house for the Memorial Day weekend... LET THE SUMMER BEGIN! :)

Here are a couple of shots from my week...

Told you I've been wearing these shoes nonstop :)

Butterscotch cheesecake that my bff and I made!

Finally debuting my YSL ring! Toy Watch & Coach bracelet.

Meetings and lunch with my other bff...she's 2 weeks from having a baby yall!!

Nude flats with bling on them = SO Lindsay. From Nordstrom, can't see the brand name b/c it rubbed off.

At the Zoo with my cousin and her little girl.
 It needs to be noted that it was about 200 degrees that day.

Ok look, sometimes it's hard to be creative with my poses.
I wasn't very original here. Sue me.

As I was leaving the house I saw my vintage snake bracelet and had to throw it on, along with all the rest.
I think it was Rachel Zoe that said, "Before you leave the house, take a look at yourself....then put on more jewelry."
I like her way of thinking.

At Cha Chah, having wine and tapas with a good friend from NYC!

My hair = OOC.

Our fabulous spread!

My friend Tara and I love to talk about our finds...this is her amazing ring from a street vendor in Soho!

I just want to thank everyone who entered the giveaway. I appreciate it so much! Only tonight's and tomorrow's game left. I was at the game last night between the Pirates and the Braves. I couldn't wait until the end so I could see the score so I would kind-of have an idea of who the winner is going to be! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Where it began.

Yall, I really can't believe the overwhelming turnout to my giveaway and followers!!! I am GRATEFUL and THRILLED!!!!! Ok ok, enough with the exclamation marks Lindsay. Let me just say thank you. Thank you so much for continuing to visit my blog. It's amazing to me, and it is very very much appreciated :)

Now for something a little different. I am always talking about my little mama and how she has been (and still is) an influence on my style. She came to Nashville last week to help me do some wedding stuff and looked - as always - ADORABLE! I decided then and there that it was time she posed for my blog :)  Here's a couple pictures from our impromptu photo shoot after lunch and some others that I love of her. She has a forte for combining both high and low end pieces. She doesn't care where she gets something, as long as she loves it and thinks it will fit well in her wardrobe. I've seen her in Missoni paired with flats from Target. I've seen her in shoes bought from Bergdorf's in NY paired with a maxi dress from a local thrift store. My point is - we all need to take cues from her and shop for great pieces in unexpected - and not always the big named - places. Enjoy pictures of my personal style inspiration!

Mom in Nashville doing wedding stuff with me.

Here are the trio of bracelets I was talking about in my "Arm Candy" post!
Necklace was a custom-made Mother's Day give from her two lovely children :)

How to dress casual and still look amazing:
Add great sunglasses and a vintage necklace to low-key ensemble.

The fabulous duo tailgating in "The Grove" at Ole Miss.
The bracelet trio is on the hand hiding behind my dad...don't worry!

Aunt. Me. Mom. Rainbow Room - NYC.
Missoni top/dress, BCBG cardigan, vintage swing pants, bracelet trio, and ?? shoes.

Dress from unknown boutique. Necklace from street vendor in Soho.
Take your black basics and add a colorful tunic & head-turning necklace!

Tailgating in "The Grove".
Take a bright dress and add muted colored accessories.

In "The Grove"...again!
Mom wearing Missoni tank/cardigan, vintage black pants, and bracelet trio (plus some).
Here - even though you can't see it - she has paired it with flats to dress it down a little.

My mom has been wearing leopard since before I was born!
Always ahead of the times...even in middle school when I was embarrassed about it :)

At my cousin's wedding shower.
Don't know where she got anything here.
(Me: Trina Turk)

The Duo.... MY duo. :)
Yet again, showing you can take a simple black backdrop and make it "pop."
Wearing vintage necklaces and various armful of bracelets.

For my mom, it's all about mixing and matching. When I was in middle school, no one on earth - not even my mom - could tell me that. Take what you have and simply add interesting and unique pieces to it. Or add your standard (but still unique) favorites, like my mom does, to new finds. She's always a standout. Always!

GIVEAWAY UPDATE: I've decided how to pick the winner of the giveaway. I wanted to do things a little differently since a) I keep up with the Pirates because of my little honey and b) I have no idea how to do the random counter thingy that everyone always does. Starting today (5/24), the Pittsburgh Pirates have 7 away games in a row. Here's the scoop...The total number of runs (both teams) in each of the seven games is going to be the comment # that wins. You can keep up by visiting here. Baseball is weird. You never know what the # could be... could be 7 or 77. You never know! Good luck my friends, and thanks for commenting! xx

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Giveaway Details!

Happy Weekend Everyone!! I finally figured out what the giveaway is going to be! It took me a while because I wanted to find something special enough for each of you who have taken the time to visit my blog, comment, and follow me. I found 2 things that were pretty fabulous, so I decided to have another give away at 150 followers, too! Here's the unveiling.....

I saw this wildly fabulous ring, and I knew this was it!! The giveaway starts today and ends on Wednesday night at midnight, central time. I am still not sure on how to pick a winner, and I want it to be fair. I think I have a fun idea, but I will keep you guys updated within the next couple of days how I plan to do it!

Here are the details to enter:
1. You have to be a follower to enter! Leave a comment letting me know what your favorite post has been so far. I would love to know what you guys like about the blog, what you'd like to see more of, etc.
2. Make sure to include your email so I can get in touch with you should you win the little darling.
3. Keep coming back :) I visit each and every blog that leaves a comment, and it's been wonderful to discover new ones and continue to visit the ones I already know and love.

Again, thank you for the blog love!! It means a ton to me! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Modern Romance.

Got an amazingly romantic email sent to me today........

From Shopbop.

(Thought I was going to say it was from my little honey, didn't you?)

Check out what captured my heart....

Foley + Corinna

Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia


Look how cute the back is!

Temperley London

What I love is how different you can make all these dresses look just by changing the accessories! With nude shoes and minimal jewelry, the look is sweet and romantic. Add chunky or edgy heels or booties in black, pile on the bracelets/rings, and add a clutch with studs or fringe...then you've got a whole different look! Try it with your own romantic pieces!

P.S. About to announce the giveaway!!! Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arm candy.

If I could buy one thing the rest of my life, it would be bracelets. Any kind - cuffs, bangles, big, small, funky, unique, dainty, chunky, colorful, gold, silver... you get the picture. I just LOVE them! I feel they can make an outfit go from plain to stunning in no time flat! As I've mentioned on here before, my love of bracelets comes from my mom. Ever since I can remember, she has worn 3 big silver cuffs of varying designs on her wrist. She got them on a trip to Santa Fe when she and my dad were newly married. Before little ol' me :) They are sterling silver and very intricately designed.  I've rarely seen her without them. She mixes and matches them with everything - both casual and dressed up. She gets stopped everywhere we go, and I love the big, bold look it gives. Since I love being like my mom, it's no surprise I've picked up on her love of arm candy! Here are a couple stunners I came across today...

YSL via Bergdorf Goodman

YSL Arty Cuff via YSL website

Lulu Frost via Bergdorf Goodman

RANJANA KHAN Grey Pearl & Crystal Cuff via Bergdorf's

On another note, I am about to hit 100 followers!!!!! 100!!!!!!! First of all, to say I am excited is an understatement. I would use way more exclamation marks, but that would be dorky. I remember the night I started this blog. I ignored my little honey for days, getting this up and running. He was my very first follower :) I was so nervous about how my little blog was going to be accepted in the blog world. I had no idea it would grow this fast. So please let me tell you... I am thankful and grateful for each person that has come to the blog, read my posts, and commented. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!!! It truly means so much to me, and I hope you continue to visit!

So to celebrate when I hit 100 followers, I am doing a special give away! It will be something great and something that I love...or several things I love. I haven't really decided yet, but it will be good. I promise! Much love! xx

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love it or hate it?

Since the day the picture of Salma Hayek wearing these boots came out, I've been thinking about them... do I love them or do I hate them? I found them oddly versatile, yet weird. After not being able to get them out of my head, I figured I must love them. What do you think about these striking shoes from Balenciaga?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Scones.

I went home this past weekend to celebrate Mother's Day with my wonderful, giving, and amazing mom! She's a spectacular cook! Because of that, she rarely relinquishes her kitchen duties. She wanted to have a Mother's Day brunch for everyone, and I insisted I help with something. We decided cream scones with mock devonshire cream would be the perfect accompaniment to egg & sausage casserole, fresh fruit salad, cheese grits, homemade banana bread, and strawberry butter. Scones used to intimidate me, until my mom showed me how to make them a couple Christmases ago. Now I'm a pro. Kind of.  :) Here's what you need to know...

The recipe.

Butter needs to be cold - right out of the fridge. I find cutting it into chunks helps it incorporate easier.

This is what the dough should look like once all the butter is in.
Incorporate until butter resembles the size of small peas.

Handle dough as little as possible. 
It makes the scones more flaky, the less you handle it.

Cut the scones as big or small as you want.
I sprinkled these with baker's sugar from William Sonoma.

Finished product!! SOOOOO AMAZING! (If I do say so myself)

Warm & Fresh from the oven. This is a recipe you MUST try!

The extras: strawberry jelly, devonshire cream (fantastic!), and strawberry butter.

Hope everyone had a great weekend with their Mothers! xx