Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Bold & the Beautifully Nude. Part 3.

THE BOLD: Revlon's "Love That Red"

THE NUDE: YSL lipstick: Rouge Pur Shine #26 (in the square tube)
YSL gloss: Gloss Pur #3 (a sheer coral shade)

*Both pictures taken in car, on the way to baseball games, so that explains that ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Knock Your Socks Off Jewelry.

Fact: I love jewelry. 

I see so much of it from looking at blogs, store websites, magazines, and going shopping, that it takes a lot to knock my socks off.

However, I've found a jewelry line that can do just that... THE MONTAGE COLLECTION

One look at the website will show you just what I am talking about! The designer, Myrna Halpern, has taken her passion for creating jewelry to an impressive level. The story behind Montage is that of a curious collector and keenly observant world traveler who draws inspiration from the beauty she discovers on her journeys. Who wouldn't want to add a piece of jewelry from a designer like that to their collection?!? I've recently started representing her jewelry line because I think each piece is so versatile and SO unique! My husband's job allows us to travel quite frequently, so I am all over the place -  it seems like multiple times a week! I decided I wanted to take her jewelry with me, when I could,  and visit boutiques along the way, selling her jewelry....and exposing new people I meet to such a stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry line. (You'll thank me later!) There are two lines that I currently work with: The "One Of A Kind Collection" and the "Hand Woven Collection."

I will post later on the "One of a Kind Collection." It needs its own special post because let's just say these pieces are all hand-made using vintage materials (think glass beads, rhinestone brooches, etc.) that the designer found on her many travels. Taking a quote from her website, "Vintage accents are often used to punctuate the designs with a whimsical sense of nostalgia and to add distinction. Montage jewelry stands about the humdrum of mainstream fashion with its combination of Old World Charm and and contemporary edge." Isn't that what we all strive to be when it comes to style: Distinctive? I know I do!

This post is dedicated to the jaw-dropping "Hand Woven Collection." Below are some pictures, but please go to her website here and become her Facebook friend here. You can see many more pictures in both places of her incredible jewels. I can say one thing about her collections...You will be the talk of the town in any of these pieces and get stopped where ever you go! (Trust me!)

My fashion motto has always been: It's better to be stared at than ignored. Start living that motto with jewelry from The Montage Collection!

Original picture the designer sent me. (This is when I flipped over the collection!)
This is the entire "Hand Woven Collection."
 Individual pictures to follow & more on her website under "Photo Gallery."

Woven bracelet. Middle one in the picture above.
The woven bracelets come in standard 7 inch lengths but can be special ordered larger or smaller.

I LOVE THIS ONE! The closure (seen below) is stunning!
And how many times can you say that about a closure on a bracelet??

This lariat necklace can be worn so many ways! Even as a belt!

This pic & the one below showcase my favorite pieces from the collection!
Wearing these two pieces together is out of this world fabulous!

This charm bracelet is adjustable!

Close up on the several small charms on the closure.
Don't you love the special attention to detail??

The "Angel" necklace is my fave necklace.
 I love it worn,  just like this, when the hand woven part is on one side. 
SO stunningly unique!

Close up of the Angel necklace.
The chain used on both necklaces is called anchor chain, and it is styled after the chain used on boats to attach to anchors. Gucci has also used this style chain!

Had dinner last night & wore this new combo! 

To purchase any of this pieces, go here & click on "Shop." 
Only one of each piece is currently made, so if you place your order after that one is sold, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. (Remember: Every piece is hand made to order!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Bold & the Beautifully Nude. Part 2.

THE BOLD: Revlon lipstick in "Siren"
Another one I am loving this summer! It's more of a true orange.

THE NUDE LIP: .L’Oreal Passion Fruit by Colour Juice.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Bold and the Beautifully Nude.

I want to start a little series of posts called "The Bold and the Beautifully Nude" because since the spring, I have been wearing bright, bold lips and creamy, glossy nude lipsticks equally as much. I will be doing a post like this, showing two opposite lip colors, once a week. I love all of these lip colors, from both ends of the spectrum! Whether it's a true orange...fiery pink... or somewhere in between, I LOVE bright colored lips! I'd have to say they are my favorite! For the times when I do a smokey/dramatic eye though, you can't beat a beautiful nude shade of lipstick.  Because of that, I want to share them all with you -  in hopes it will inspire you to go bold....or go nude ;)

Just a disclaimer... most of these pictures are taken with my iPhone, in the car. I want to be sure I remember to take them, so it's usually after I've gotten in the car and am running (late) somewhere. Also, I am a smiler. Always. However, when you are trying to show off a lipstick color, smiling just isn't the best way to do that. Unless you have Angelina Jolie lips, and alas - I do not. Enjoy! xx

BOLD: One of my all-time faves: "Orange Flip" by Revlon. 
I wear MAC's "Redd" liner with this.

NUDE: This is everything I wore on my wedding day, so I really love this whole lip!
Everything by MAC.
Lipstick: Brave
Liner: Stripdown
Gloss: Cremesheen Glass in "Partial to Pink"

What are some of the bold and nude lipsticks that you swear by? Would love to hear your faves!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Portrait.

As I mentioned here, I love Brittany Fuson paper products! I've ordered several sets of notecards from her, but what I really wanted her to do was draw a wedding portrait for me. I just got it this past weekend, and I LOVE IT! She did such an amazing job capturing the intricate details of my wedding dress, my up-do, and my Louboutins! There are also hints of gray in my bouquet, just like the real thing! (which may or may not be still hanging upside down in my shower....) 

I am just smitten over this drawing and cannot wait to display it in my house! Any ideas for a great, unique way to display it...please let me know! Visit Brittany Fuson's store here. See pictures from my wedding here and here.

Happy Tuesday! xx

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Statement Pieces.

I think these Assad Mounser necklaces are the perfect summer statement piece!
Throw one on over a basic white t-shirt or tank, add your favorite pair of jeans, and jeweled flats...
And BAM! You look like a million bucks!

Other fun, bright options found here, here, here, here, and here!

Been obsessed with these babies since I laid eyes on them, but I think it's ridic to spend almost $500 on a pair of earrings. Thinking about ordering these though!

Have a great upcoming week! xx

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Brights.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Essie's newest collection, Braziliant! I am tempted to buy ;)