Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Be Still My Heart.

The past 2-3 weeks I've already started seeing fall-themed posts on people's blogs, and just recently the August magazines have hit shelves. I'll be honest... I am not ok with that. Where I live, it's still the middle of summer and temperatures are never below 80 degrees. I cannot see the point in already looking at fall stuff yet, when just the thought of a coat makes me sweat. Until last night. I was browsing some of my favorite sites, and I was captivated by some pieces that can be worn in just a few short weeks. (Ugh - how quickly the summer goes by!) I was so struck by these pieces, that I just had to do a post on them. So I guess now I am one of those bloggers that is jumping ahead to fall. For those of you who feel like I do and don't want to see a coat or boots just yet... I am sorry. Just humour me.

Maison Martin Margiela Python Leather Ankle Boots

Zero + Maria Cornejo "Tate" Sandal

Alexander Wang "Devon" Ankle Bootie

D&G Rabbit Collarless Jacket

Emilio Pucci Eagle beaded jersey top

I just died and went to heaven....
Aurélie Bidermann 18 karat gold-dipped lace cuff.

I just had to show a picture of what it looks like on the arm!!
I DIE. This is jewelry PERFECTION.
Please let me win the lottery so I can buy this.

Philippe Audibert Mitaine Swarovski crystal silver glove
Michael Jackson meets high-fashion. Love it.


  1. I feel the same way!!! I've been getting my mags and dying because there are sweaters in them. Seriously people, it's 95 degrees out! How can I think about sweaters?? But, despite my feelings over that, this stuff doesn't make me break out in a sweat just looking at it...I can deal. LOVE the cuff- I want one!

  2. All of those shoes need to be in my closet! I shall keep dreaming haha!

    LOVE that cuff oh so much! First laid eyes on it a couple months ago in an Elle's superb.

    And that take on the MJ glove is in-sane. love it.

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  3. i'd die for some of these. this red dress with the golden neck-line is exactly what i've been looking for.

  4. Great stuff! Yeah, its like 95 degrees here so it's hard to even begin to think about fall yet!

  5. Omg that lace cuff is to die for! PS - I just did a post on what to wear to baseball games and it reminded me of you! I was just thinking "I bet Lindsay looks awesome when she goes to games!" haha!

  6. Oh my gosh. Those python booties are perfection! And that gold lace cuff! Amazing.Totally worth skipping ahead to Fall.xx

  7. holy - that glove is just too awesome for words!!! nice find! and yeah, keep fall far, far away. i'm still living it up in the sun ;)

  8. I so agree; just thinking about fall clothes not only exhausts me but makes me overheat. Love that Pucci top!
    xo Josie

  9. fall fashion is my favorite! layering is what's all about! loving the gold cuff and the white sandals too. xoxo

  10. i agree with the lace cuff it is gorgeous! ♥

  11. Hey Girly! So glad to find a blogger I know!!! I just started one. Hope all is well

  12. great post!

    have a nice day!!!

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  13. I love the cuff and the glove!

  14. Hi there! I love this blog, it is great! I know how you feel about fall fashions. Why is it so bittersweet to discover the amazing trends for autumn in the middle of the summer? I am reluctant to let summer go, but fall fashions are always top-notch. I love the photos from this post, especially the last silver edgy! :)

  15. I feel the same way about the next season's lines being rolled out too quickly, although I do like carrying on the tradition of "back to school shopping" into adulthood!