Friday, June 25, 2010

Snake Skin Crush.

I have a crush on this dress....

Parker Dress found here.

You could do SO many things with this dress, and that's why it caught my eye at first. Then I noticed the subtle snake skin print and adorable double flared sleeves! Special touches like those just take a dress to the next level. I also love the nude coloring of the dress. It makes it simple to add so many neat elements to the dress once on. (i.e. Adding a pop of color like red, hot pink, or bright yellow...or black chunky shoes like the girl in the picture, or amazing over-the-knee boots when it starts getting cooler) Adding a floppy black felt hat would look cool, as well! What would you do to this dress to make it "you?"


  1. me too me too! I would wear my dark wood link necklace or KJL elephant bracelet :)

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  3. I'd pair it with long gold necklaces and tall, tall wedges -- it's so pretty, what a fabulous find!
    xo Josie

  4. Love everything from the color to the texture to the cut.

    Your taste is spot on!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. That dress is nice and chic but I love the shoes. Have a nice weekend;-)

  6. Perfect dress indeed! I'd wear it with just a pair of nude superhigh heels and red lipstick...

  7. Ohh I saw this dress and LOVED it! I'd go with a pair of wedges and add a belt

  8. I am imagining it with lighter (maybe nude) shoes and long thin necklaces. Its beautiful!


  9. Id belt it and where heels... perfect dress, completely love it!


  10. beautiful!!also love the nude colors!!!

  11. OMG-i about died when i saw this-i fell for it when i saw it on shopbop a few weeks ago too! looooooove!