Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hello all! I went to Atlanta for a couple of days last week and into the weekend to see my little honey! It was a short but wonderful trip. Even though I live only 3.5 hours from ATL, I rarely go down. I think that will change after this weekend because there is soooo much AMAZING shopping and wonderful restaurants abound! On Thursday, I went shopping, then met a friend from birth (literally! She was born in the room next to me one day after me, and we've been great friends ever since!) for drinks at a fun place in Phipps Plaza. Then she took me to her favorite place in Atlanta called Two Urban Licks. It was amazing!!! If you live in ATL - or plan on visiting - you need to go here! Friday my little honey and I did some major shopping. And....I GOT MY WEDDING SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond thrilled about them, and I will debut them on here closer to wedding time! (don't miss it!) That night I ate at my all-time fave restaurant, Spice Market. I discovered the restaurant when I lived in New York, and recently my best friend's husband told me there was one in Atlanta too!! How I did not know that is beyond me, but at least I found out before I went :) After that, I went to the Braves vs Pirates game....which lasted for-e-ver due to two rain delays.
Enjoy my short - but sweet - trip via pictures!

Inside Two Urban Licks, which is in a converted warehouse.

Started off with a watermelon mojito and sweet & spicy calamari w/cilantro & wasabi cream.

You can get a flight of wine before you order a whole glass, to see which you like best!

My friend got the Bronzed Scallops w/Gouda grits, pico de gallo, and smoked tomato broth.

I got the beef brisket with their famous mac n cheese!
Both dishes were amazing!

Then we shared the Nutella Chocolate bread pudding w/white russian ice cream!

Check comes with suckers, hence the name Two Urban Licks :)

Ginger Margarita

Got my two favorite small plates here!
This one is the Black Pepper Shrimp w/Sun Dried Pineapples.

These are the Spiced Chicken Samosas w/Cilantro Yogurt.

Amazing side of Baby Corn, Broccoli, Lemongrass, and Chile.

It was all so incredible! I highly, highly recommend these two places! My little honey also surprised me with something I've always dreamed of having (besides my engagement ring, ha)....so stay tuned for what it is!!!!!Have a good week! xx


  1. Everything looks great!

  2. Mmmmm that looks delicious! And I love that you get lollipops at the end...a much better alternative than going to the doctors lol.

  3. Oh my goodness, all of this looks positively delectable... I'm so hungry now! I used to go to Atlanta to visit family a few times a year when I was younger and always loved it... Haven't been there in ages, though!
    xxoo Josie

  4. ahh, everything looks soo absolutely delish!! can't wait for the pictures of your wedding shoes, how exciting!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  5. Oh ATL.... such a bittersweet place for me!
    I was dating someone there until very recently who asked me to move in...then it didn't work out.

    I have really liked ATL since I was there in 1996, and I worked for a Japanese News Agency as an interpreter for the Olympics as a teenager!

    Anyway YES ATL is an awesome city, had I moved there I would have enjoyed it.
    Too bad some guy ruined that for me, LOL.

    Glad you had a good time!!!!

  6. GREAT post, girl! I might be going to ATL soon for a Bachelorette party...great photos...I've heard of both of those restaurants [&& I think they've even featured them on The Real Housewives of ATL].

    Thanks again for leavin' me some love (:
    Happy Wednesday!

    Oh, before I forget...if you are goin' to be in Bradenton soon...probably the best shopping is not too far from there at the Ellenton Prime Outlets. Let me know if you go there && grab any finds!


    p.s. Cannot WAIT to see your wedding shoes!! (: Eeeeekkk!!


  7. yummy food i love to be with u , its really cool

  8. Yummm...everything looks so delicious. I love Samosas--now I'm craving them!

    Anna Jane


  9. OMG, all that food looks amazing! I mean, I'm a vegetarian and even I think the meat looked delicious. So many mysteries, I want to see the wedding shoes, and what your honey got ya, I'll stay tuned :D. Hmm... If I'm ever in US, I'll try to visit Atlanta, although honestly, I have not even the slightest clue where it is xD, I don't know American geography at all. But I'll look it up :P.


  10. Ahh! You were in my stomping grounds. Glad you had a great time in Atlanta!

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  12. Nutella is the best food in the whole wide world, that looks amazing. haha I love your blog dear :)


  13. Okay, that dessert looks like HEAVEN!!! And how exciting that you got your wedding shoes! Sounds like a great trip.


  14. This looks so goooooooooooooooooooooood I wish I could eat this right now!!!

    SN: I didnt get your email for my address so if you can resend it to me again please.



  15. Love, love Two Urban Licks - cool atmosphere! And Spice Mkt. in NYC, one of Lauren's favs. Had tasters menu last visit and thought someone was going to have to carry me out.

  16. That beef brisket looks so, so delicious. And wedding shoes! Cannot wait to see them =)



  17. Everything looks so good! I love the way the bill comes with lollypops and the ginger martini!!! YUM!!!!! I REALLY want one of those! I love ginger in drinks.

    Thank you so much for the comments on my blog, I really appreciate them.

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