Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hot & Pink.

Today was a GORGEOUS day in Nashville. It was hard to look anywhere and not be in awe of the beauty surrounding me. I love days like today...beautiful weather, lunch with one bff, dinner & drinks with the other! On another note, I wore my first remotely spring-ish outfit today. I had to. It was hot (86 degrees) and pink :)

My hair was blowing everywhere in the wind. We all know what that can look like for curly hair. Not good.

Sometimes I feel so small...

Helloooo wind.

Blanco sangria & Tropical Arugula Salad with melons, pineapples, strawberries & spiced pecans from Lime


  1. I love arugula salad!!

    You look beautiful and happy in pink!!

  2. Love those rings

  3. gorgeous necklaces!
    i love eating at lime =]
    you have an awesome blog
    keep it going! its great source of inspiration
    thanks for sharing as always darling!


  4. That colour is great and that salad looks divine!