Monday, February 9, 2015

The Gratitude Project.


1. Another Birthday - I am so incredibly grateful, thankful, blessed.... you name it!..... that I am here another year on this earth to celebrate turning 32 years old! Birthdays are a true blessing, even though some of us jokingly dread getting older and all that it comes with it. HA! I'm grateful this birthday finds me healthy and able to celebrate with the ones I love. Here's to many more!

2. My In-Laws - There are MANY times throughout my week that I stop and think "My husband is amazing!" A lot of that is because of such wonderful guidance from his parents. Having played baseball in the major leagues, one would have to know that A LOT of time and energy went into helping him get there. Countless hours in the car driving him to and from practice & games....even more hours in the stands watching him play (hello, that's a sacrifice in itself because games last FOR-EV-ER in my opinion!)...constantly encouraging him....instilling in him that dreams DO come true, and anything is possible with hard work and dedication. I love that my husband believes he can do anything he sets is mind to, even the seemingly impossible. I love that he is a good, faithful, generous, goofy man that loves me like crazy and helps me in every way possible. I am grateful he had parents that made him that way because I get to reap the amazing benefits.

3. AAA - Before marrying my husband, I never had AAA. My parents didn't either. I thought it was a waste of money, and when the bill came every year, I would wonder why we pay for this service year after year and never use it.. Recently, after driving back from West TN and getting in late one night, I heard a rush of air coming from one of my tires. I reached my hand down to possibly feel where the air was coming from and felt a huge gash in one of my tires! Of course, Chris wasn't home so I had to deal with it all by myself. (Gasp!) I quickly remember we had AAA, and within an hour my spare tire was put on and all was well. In that moment, late at night, I was grateful for AAA...and grateful we continued to pay that "useless" bill year after year. Trust me, I will be jumping at the chance to get that bill every year from now on! I'm grateful for services like that and people who come to my house late at night to find a helpless woman in need of a tire change!

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