Thursday, January 22, 2015

LLIA Favorites: Blush.

Introducing Lindsay Loves It All (LLIA) favorites...

 I wanted to share a few of my favorite blushes today. I think a swipe of blush can transform your face, especially during the cold winter months when skin tends to be dry and "blah!" 

1. Nars Final Cut - This was a Nordstrom Exclusive, and unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore. I saw the reviews on it when it first came out, and I knew I had to have it. I love bright orange/coral color blushes! You have to use a light hand, but they are so beautiful on the skin when applied correctly! I especially love this blush when I have a tan. You can see it up close here, along with some swatches of the blush. 

2. Milani Luminoso 05 - After reading so much about this blush, I had to pick it up at CVS. I love the color and slight bit of shimmer it has. It's not glittery at all, just a pretty sheen. This blush is sheer at first, but you can build it up to the intensity you want very easily. I love the finish, too. It goes on very smooth. This is my daily go-to blush! 

3. e.l.f. blush in Pink Passion - Another affordable blush that I love! It's $3, and I got mine at Target. It's a copycat of Bobbi Brown's blush in Pale Pink blush, which is a cult-favorite. This blush adds the perfect pop of color when applied to the apples of cheeks and makes your face look fresh and awake. See it at Target here.

4. MAC Modern Mandarin - After looking at this blush, I am sure you can sense a theme going on here. I love anything orange/coral/peach when it comes to makeup. I feel it compliments my skin tone and enhances my eyes. After years of reading about makeup, trying it on, and just being all around obsessed with it, I've figured that much out! This shade is perhaps my all-time favorite, and I wear it all year long - but especially during the spring and summer. You can buy it online at MAC

Try these out, and let me know what you think! Don't be afraid of these seemingly "bold" blushes! With the right brush and a light hand, they are 100% wearable. I promise! Here's my tip… go to your favorite makeup counter and ask for help picking out a new, fun blush. Get the makeup artist to help choose a color that's best for you and your skin tone. They will apply it for you, and you can test it out that way. I encourage you to get outside of your box when it comes to blush! It will make a world of difference on your pretty face! 

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