Friday, August 1, 2014


Weekend is here, friends! WOO HOO! I wanted to share some of my favorite things with y'all! I've been LOVING these things lately! Check them out below, and please share with me anything you consider a favorite!

1. Swell bottles are my new obsession! I was introduced to them on our last Napa trip, and it has become a staple in my life since then. Drinks stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 without any       condensation on the outside! Ice stays in your bottle and steam stays trapped with our cap that prevents leakage, and they can even hold carbonation. (or a full bottle of wine if you get the big one. Just sayin'.) It's made from the highest grade of stainless steel, which is non-leaching and non-toxic. It fits in most standard sized cup holders. They come in 3 sizes: 9oz, 17oz, and 25oz. Chris and I have the biggest one, and we keep it with us all day. Even in the dead of summer….left in a hot car… this bottle keeps liquids cold! That is impressive! With each bottle sold, they also give back to various causes they support. Check out their website for more info and color options!

2. These blue mirrored Ray-Ban aviators have been my #1 favorite purchase this summer! They add a pop of color to any outfit and scream "SUMMER!" They also come in green and orange mirrored lenses!

3. Coobie Seamless Bras have always been a favorite of mine, but these tie dye ones have been in heavy rotation for me this summer. They are great to wear under basic tanks, showing through just a little! I also wear them when I work out, so they work double-duty for me. They are SO comfy, that I find myself trying to plan outfits around them! Here are my favorite ones. There is a special on their website right now…take $20 off 3 or more bras, so it's basically buy 2, get 1 free! You're welcome ladies ;) 

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