Thursday, March 25, 2010

To Me. From Me.

Seeing as how my birthday was over a month ago, it's about time I did this post.

A couple days before my birthday, I went into a boutique here in Nashville. I walked in the door and saw there was a shoe sale going on. Now, if you know me, you know I love shoes. (And bracelets. But that's a post for later.) I wear a size 7, and I feel they are usually the first to go in a sale. I walked over and didn't really expect to see anything. Then all of a sudden I saw these beautiful, black (my favorite color) very high heeled (my favorite kind of shoe) Prada shoes just BEGGING for me to try them on. I did. I fell in love. I bought them. I justified it by thinking to myself:
A) I've never bought a pair of shoes - of this caliber - on my own.
B) They are on sale.
C) It's my birthday. Well, it was almost my birthday :)

I'm so happy with my purchase, and I know I can wear them with anything and everything! I am nuts over these shoes. Period.


  1. Those shoes are amazing!! We are the same shoe size!! I know you'll look great in them :-) xxoxoxooxxoxoxoxox

  2. Looooove them!! I would kill for a pair of prada! ha ha ha
    do a post wearing them

  3. Those are goooooooooorgeous. Sigh. I've had to give up high high heels while I have a baby because I'm too afraid I'll fall over and drop him. As soon as he's walking, back to heels! =)

  4. Amazzzzing! You made the right move!