Saturday, March 27, 2010

Perfect combo.

A couple of nights ago, one of my writers and I went to the Oak Bar at the beautiful Hermitage Hotel.
We wanted to try out the "Live to be 100 Red Wine & Chocolate Pairing." Pastry Chef Andy Manchester of Capitol Grille recently developed a new wine and dessert pairing, and it has been very popular since it's inception! Obviously, you all know I love wine. So when I read about this wine AND chocolate pairing, I knew I had to grab a fellow foodie and try this out! Thanks to Beth over at Eat.Drink.Smile for doing a wonderful job of covering this! If you are in Nashville and love food, you should check this blog out for sure! It's great!

This leaf was made of chocolate, good!

From left to right:

Blackberry Truffle
Valrhona chocolate - 60% bitter chocolate made from pure Trinitario beans from the Caribbean. This dark brown Grand Cru chocolate has notes of dried fruit & tobacco.
Jeb Steele's Shooting Star, "Black Bubbles," Sparkling Syrah, Lake County
Late harvest Syrah sparkling wine made in the Methode Champenoise process. Medium bodied, with hints of blackberry and chocolate

Star Anise Ganache Brownie
Valrhona chocolate - 61% general purpose chocolate, elegant chocolate flavor, slightly bitter taste but full and powerful.
d'Arenburg Love Grass, Shiraz, Australia 2007
100% Shiraz with great balance and strong tannins, with high alcohol content; jammy characteristics of bing cherries, dates, and chocolate

Cacao Berry Espresso Caramel Tart
70% Cacao Barry Saint-Domingue, combines an exceptionally long finish and produces a dark chocolate flavor
Kaiken Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza Argentina 2007
Medium bodied wine with moderate tannins from aged oak barrels; has characteristics of black cherries, prunes, and chocolate


  1. It's so crazy that I just added your blog to my google reader yesterday and here you are blogging about my blog today!! Too funny! So glad you got over to the Oak Bar for the pairing. Awesome isn't it?

    Thanks for the shout out :-)

  2. Can you please come out and find fun things for me to do here in LA? You are so good at scouting out great places to eat and fun things to do! NYC memories will be with me forever! :)

  3. looks like you had an awesome time!
    great post!! love the blog
    stop by some time xx