Monday, March 22, 2010

Long time no blog!

Welcome back, Lindsay...

Again, my apologies for the lack of posts lately. Now that the play is over, my nights are free again. (Thus, giving me more time to kill on the Internet and blog.) The play was great, and it was WONDERFUL to be back on stage again! After the play, my honey surprised me with a last-minute trip to visit him in FL. I just got back tonight. See? I really am dedicated to this blog :)

I wanted to include a couple of my casual outfits in this post, but what I really wanted to focus on was WINE! Wine is among my favorite things to learn & talk about, and let's be honest...drink! A good red wine, to me, is heaven. I love drinking old favorites, finding new ones, and sharing special moments with great friends while drinking it. One day I want to own a vineyard. Well, after being on Broadway...taking Kelly Ripa's job.... owning a clothing store like my aunts & mom did....traveling the world....having a family...and much more. That's do-able, right??


My all-time favorite wine: Duckhorn Cab (2005 & 2006 vintages are the best!)

Had this one this weekend at Mangrove Grill, and it's a close second! Again, a great vintage!

This wine was a surprise hit! Chris joined a wine club while in San Francisco & this was a bottle sent with the second shipment. We LOVED it!

Didn't have a picture my #4, but Silver Oak did not disappoint! I know it's a pretty standard favorite, but it is for a good reason. This was amazing! (picture from Google Images)

My favorite wine shop in Nashville, The Green Hills Wine Shoppe, sold me on this previously unknown wine. Now I am hooked! Plus it's so affordable, at around $12.

You know, I have to list a couple others, too. The "runners up" as I like to call them :)
- Hazyblur McLauren Vale Shiraz
- Broadside Cab (this one almost made the Top 5!)
- Hyatt Baumbach Charbono
- Cedarville Cab 2005
- Plumpjack Cab
- Broquel Bonarda

What are your favorites?

Sushi outfit: C&C California shrug, LnA tshirt & leggings, Nine West over-the-knee boots, Virgin Saints and Angels necklace, Gucci sunglasses

Baseball game outfit: Scarf from Henri Bendel, Kain label tshirt, and some of my favorite casual jewelry!


  1. I saw your link on my friend Ashley G.'s facebook wall and decided to check out your blog- LOVE it! I only like white wine which is a great disappointment to my father- he keeps one sad little corner of his wine cellar full of white wine for me. =)

  2. I love the Green Hills Wine Shoppe too! They always have great suggestions and are so helpful!

  3. Thanks for all the blog love, Ummm I LOVEEEE your blog! I'm defiantly a follower now!!!! I'm a Spain wine fanatic and Chianti! I'll have to look up the names for you!!


  4. Oh, I love Cakebread, too! When I was in law school, I got to meet Jack Cakebread once, when he came to give a talk to the Wine Club at the business school. That guy really has life figured out!

  5. You are????? Congrats girl!!! November is coming up fast :-)
    You look so chic and I love your sweater.
    Have a great day,

  6. What a great blog!There have a chance that we can have an furthur exchanges and cooperation.I will always pay attention to your blog.

  7. i am such a wine-o! :) spain has the best wines and my favorite is the rosado wines. honeymoon is simply the best

    Anna Katrina

  8. You really are a wine girl! You've got 3 of my top 10 in your list. now we have to get together and grab some wine sometime.