Friday, January 16, 2015

Go-To Recipes.

Let's face it… some weeknights it's impossible to cook a good, healthy meal. Some weeknights it's impossible to even THINK about cooking a good, healthy meal. At my house, we have several recipes that we consider our go-to favorites. These are what we cook when we're low on time…and energy! We have tested them out, and they are easy to make, pretty healthy, and very tasty! All requirements for dinner at our house! Because my theory is: If you're making the effort to cook, it might as well be amazing!

This is a staple! So easy to throw together the night before or in the morning, then grill when you get home from work.
I blogged about it here.

Another new favorite recipe we found in 2014: Crock Pot Salsa Verde Chicken.
I keep frozen and fresh chicken breasts at all times, as well as 2 or 3 cans of salsa verde. That way, I can easily throw this meal together. It's SO tasty and versatile. Sometimes we will put it over brown rice and add veggies for a complete meal, and sometimes we will put it in tortillas for a Mexican taco dinner. I take leftovers and put on top of my salads for lunch the next day, too! 

This Spicy Peach-Glazed Pork has been one of our top fave dishes since we were dating!
As with the chicken above, I always keep a jar of peach preserves on hand when we want to throw this meal together. It's SO good with sweet potatoes, or over brown rice to soak up the sauce!

Roasted Ranch Potatoes have become a quick staple in our house this year! Very quick to throw together, and I always keep the dry ranch packets in my pantry. 

I have several other staple recipes that I will share another time! Please let me know what some of your staples are, too! Enjoy!

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