Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's talk about Fall.

After moving back from Las Vegas, where it was regularly 100+ degrees, I gladly welcomed fall. Usually I am not quite ready to let summer and their magical nights go. This year...I am! I've been fully embracing the pumpkin and apple recipes flooding blogs and Pinterest, the amazing boots in stores, and the brisk mornings I've been waking up to enjoy. Here are some of my favorite fall things! What do you love when it comes to fall? Enjoy! xx

I made this yesterday, and it's wonderful! I feel good about putting it in my coffee, as it's all natural without all those crazy ingredients! Get the recipe here. (Picture via)

I've had cleaning eat pumpkin oats almost every morning for the past week... with pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Overkill? I think not...

These are a fall staple for me: Apple Cheddar Scones 
Picture via Smitten Kitchen

In my rushed quest for organic canned pumpkin, I picked up 2 cans of organic canned sweet potatoes.
Oy. I googled and found a healthy muffin recipe and tweaked it a little, using whole wheat flour instead. See recipe here.

Onto the fall fashion....

I've been putting together some fall inspired outfits, including these boots!

Just got these Vera Wang boots, and they have been in heavy rotation with the onset of fall.
Find them here in Nashville at The Perfect Pair!

I am obsessed with scarves year round, but the fall is when they come out in full force. Check out my favorites...

This Chan Luu scarf is my favorite! It's huge, which is what makes it so versatile. 
Plus, y'all know how much I love me some leopard print ;) I wear it with a plain white or black t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and flats/wedges ALL the time. (Sorry honey! HA!)

Another favorite brand of scarf: Love Quotes
I own the hot pink and black one, and they both get worn all the time! Find a color that suits you and/or a color you wear a lot... you will love it! You can find them here, here, and here.

If you get anything for the fall season, invest in a great pair of boots: short or tall & an amazing scarf. 
They are both versatile, classic pieces that you can wear all sorts of ways! 


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P.S. Also making this whole wheat pumpkin bread (thanks Mandy!) and this simple fall dessert this weekend!


  1. Apples -- so many apples! And scarves. And boots. And leaves. I adore fall.
    xo Josie

  2. the perfect pair! oh man a wave of nashville nostalgia sweeped over me. i am so interested in that pumpkin creamer, thanks for sharing it!

  3. how were the healthy muffins?? i am in love with that gray scarf!!

  4. theme is Delicious and is so good that talk about the fashion with delicious. I like the yollow hat so mich.where you get it?


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