Thursday, November 17, 2011

Montage Jewelry One of A Kind Pieces.

Remember when I posted about the "Knock Your Socks Off Jewelry" here? Well, the designer behind that fabulous collection has done it again - this time equally unique yet at a lower price point! And let's be honest, who among us doesn't love beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry that is easy on our bank account? I wanted to feature a few pieces on my blog, but to see the rest of the collection, visit The Montage Collection website and click "One Of A Kind" on the top part of the site. Many of the long necklaces can also be looped around the neck twice for a shorter look. Check it out, and don't forget Christmas is right around the corner! Giving a gift so unique is an art - and a treasured surprise for the one receiving it! Enjoy! xx

The "Shari" Necklace
This is my favorite from the collection due to its eye-catching design & ability to turn a plain outfit into something special! It's a statement necklace without going overboard. 

"Kate" Necklace
Long vintage-looking chain necklace with a woven piece at the end.
Would look great with brown, bronze, and grey!

"Babbie" necklace (look at the acorn hook it has!)

"Yvette" necklace

"Leticia" necklace
Love the bright orange color against the bronze chain! 
You can wear this 3 or 4 different ways because the toggle in the middle of the necklace can come undone!

"Lynnie" long necklace
Another one of my faves! 
This necklace can be worn looped around the neck twice, like it's shown here, or 
worn very long and layered with other pieces. 

"Yvette Agate Necklace"
This would look gorgeous against a plain white or black t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and some heels!

Hammered Cuff
This would be a staple in any wardrobe!

Stretch bracelets - They look great alone or all together!

The "Fringe" bracelets

The "Bronze Bar" earrings

The "Double Drop" earring

"Knot" earrings
My favorite earring of the whole collection!

Go check out the rest at The Montage Collection website. Click "One Of A Kind" to shop the pieces I've featured today. Click "Shop" to get a link to shop other stunning collections from the same designer on (Or you can click here and go straight to the Endless site) Do some Christmas shopping early! You will be glad you did :)

Everyone have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! 


  1. These are so unique. I think I'd dress in head to toe black to make them really stand out. Btw, I love your about you blurb, the part about your aunt's LV bag is cute.

  2. love the agate necklace! thanks for sharing!

  3. cool!

    xoxo from rome

  4. These all Pisces of montage jewelry looking very cool.