Monday, December 13, 2010

The Wedding. Part 2.

Merry Christmas everyone! I wanted to post again about my wedding, this time doing a post on the details that made the day so special! Most of the pictures below were taken by my wedding photographers, unless otherwise noted! Enjoy!

1. Cookies, given as favors, at my bridal luncheon. So cute! My three aunts & 2 grandmothers gave me the luncheon on the morning of my wedding. 

2. My bouquet, plus the 5 bridesmaid's bouquets. One of the bouquets is hiding, but each girl carried a bouquet of a single flower, making up all the flowers I had in my bouquet. I loved the symbolism that it stood for!

3. Close up picture of my bouquet, taken by my cousin Elizabeth Looney. She is a photography major and amazing at what she does! Check out her website.

4. Close up of the broach I found to put on my bouquet.

5. Amazing arrangement at the church, made by a very talented friend :)

6. Programs, using the same monogram that I used on our invitations.

7. The Hutton Hotel ballroom, before everyone came inside.

8. One of three centerpieces I helped design for the reception guest tables. This one was my favorite! 

9. Groom's cupcake tower. We wanted to be creative, as opposed to having a regular cake, so we chose baseball cupcakes in chocolate, vanilla, fresh strawberry, and red velvet. The Cupcake Collection in Nashville made the cupcakes, and they were AMAZING! Best cupcakes I've had in Nashville, hands down. We surrounded the bottom with Cracker Jacks and baseball turf, to keep with the baseball theme. The cupcake tower is one I designed, using 3 different sized mirrors and mosaic-tiled round bases, all stacked on top of each other to create 3 tiers for the tower. 

10. Picture of the whole table, taken by a friend.

11. & 12. On the groom's cupcake table sat both a ceramic man and woman vase. My mom had these, and we wanted to use them to add a whimsical touch to the table. Flower arrangements were made and placed in the top of each "head" to create the whole look. They put flowers in the woman vase to mimic the look of my curly hair, and they cut the hydrangeas on the man's head to mimic the look of Chris's faux-hawk! Too creative! I loved that special, personal touch! haha

13. Picture of our "candy bar," complete with our favorite candies! A tall manzanita branch tree graced the center of the table.

14. & 15. Close ups of the manzanita branch tree. The tree was adorned with fresh orchids, black ostrich feathers, hydrangeas, jewels, silver ornaments, black & silver glitter birds, and a bird's nest with silver eggs. 

16. My wedding cake! I designed this with the help of Jay Qualls, at Maples Wedding Cakes. Jay is INCREDIBLE!! I highly, highly recommend him if you are anywhere in the Nashville area - he travels, too! Jay has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and is now on this season of the Cake Boss on TLC. My wedding cake was shown on the show, too! Check him out... you won't regret it!

17. Had to add some whimsical - yet elegant - touches to the cake. That came in the form of black ostrich feathers!

18. We used baseballs nestled in grass for the seating charts. The guests could take the baseballs home, as a favor, too!

19. Guest book table. I wanted to create a elegant entry to the ballroom, which we did by borrowing some style elements from Jeff Leatham. I loved how he used bunches of the same flower, set a little off-center in tall, clear vases. (see the pictures on his website of Eva Longoria's wedding) In front of the flowers, I had 6 picture frames of our parents and grandparents on their wedding day!

20. For our guest book, we used a "Nashville, Tennessee" book. We wanted our guests to see some of the famous Nashville hot-spots, and we wanted to incorporate Nashville into our wedding as much as we could since that's where we will make our home. For now, anyways ;)


  1. What fun photos!! Looks like an amazing wedding, I hope mine is as good when I get married (if I ever do XD)

  2. Your wedding cake is beautiful!!! I would have had a hard time cutting it, it's just too pretty. Congratulations on such an exciting time of your life.

  3. Lindsay your wedding looks like it was AMAZING!! WHOA! I absolutely love all the details...the centerpieces, all the flowers, the baseball cupcakes - what a great day you must have had.

    Congrats to you!


  4. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful!!! These pictures are amazing and so gorgeous. The cake and table center pieces are my favorite. The whole classic whimsical look of your wedding is fabulous. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Congratulations to you and your hubby!

  5. Your wedding looked so gorgeous!

  6. Lindsay, your wedding looks like it was perfect for you -- classy, chic, and lots of fun! I love that cake -- stunning.
    xo Josie

  7. I love the little details! I think they are what really makes the wedding so unique to you two. The groom's cupcake tower is so cute! I love that you helped design that and your cake. And how awesome that your cake was featured on that show?! Congratulations to you both! It looks like your day was just perfect. xo

  8. Love it all!! THat is such a neat touch using the baseballs with seating.

  9. Wow - simply gorgeous, Lindsay. I love when you can tell that everyone involved paid such close attention to the details. Looks like it was a beautiful and super fun event :)

  10. Lindsay, your wedding looks AMAZING!!! I love the candy bar and baseball cupcakes. And LOVE all the grey. Congratulations!!!


  11. even more beautiful wedding details! you had such a beautiful wedding! and i love the symbolism of your bridesmaids carrying bouquets of a single flower. :)

    <3, Mimi