Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Mom's Famous Banana Bread

I feel as if I should re-introduce myself after such an embarrassingly long hiatus from blogging. Hi, I'm Lindsay, and I am a well-intentioned blogger that can't quiet commit to regular blog posts even thought I love it dearly! Please forgive me and read this blog anyway.

My mother is one of the most incredible and memorable people you will ever meet. I knew I wanted my first blog in a while to be about her since it was so close to Mother's Day. When I think about my mother, three main things come to mind: her big, beautiful, and expressive eyes; her funny and honest personality; and her cooking skills... namely, her famous banana bread.

Growing up in a small town, there weren't too many people that didn't get to taste her banana bread. Our family, my neighbors, teachers, Sunday school teachers, friends, friends families, boyfriends, boyfriends families, our mailman, garbage men, and anyone my mom thought could use a little brightening of their day - got to sample her talent and love of cooking thru this little loaf.

Making banana bread is one of my mother's most amazing - and saintly - talents. She has touched so many lives and made so many feel special, comforted, and loved by handing out those sweet loaves carefully wrapped in aluminum foil. (Folded neatly and tucked under on the bottom, of course.) If you ask any of my childhood friends - or my brother's - what they remember most about my mother, I would bet a dollar bill (or five) that they would say her banana bread. It's such a sweet memory for so many, myself included, that I cannot bring myself to even try and re-create it because I know my efforts will fall short. Because it's not the flour, or the eggs that make it special. It's not the sugar or the so-ripe-they're-almost-BLACK bananas either. It's HER. It's her hands that effortlessly and lovingly make this signature recipe for those that she loves so, very much.

I can close my eyes and picture her making it, even now. Getting up before sunrise to make a few loaves, or cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, only to get the kitchen messy again from the banana bread making. I don't make it now, much to my husband's dismay, but just thinking about the warm memories it brings back to me... I just might start. Because what makes this recipe even more special is the fact that my grandmother taught my mom how to make it and made it all the time when my mom was growing up. So that means it's a MUST for me, right? Well... maybe when I have children of my own someday! Until then, I'm thinking I should get to practicing!

I would love to hear about your favorite recipe from your own mother! Share in the comments below!


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  1. Your Mother is a gem! And you are too!!! Sweet tribute to a wonderful person who spreads love everywhere she goes!! Xoxo