Monday, April 6, 2015

The Gratitude Project.

{Happy Easter!}

1. My Grandmother's 92nd Birthday -    92. Just stop and think about that number for a second…The number "92" has a lot behind it. In my grandmother's case, she has a lot of life-well-lived behind that number. She has a lot of wonderful, special memories behind that number. And most importantly, she has created a legacy in those 92 years that will live on for generations to come! I'm so thankful for her, and for the immense amount of love she shows me on a daily basis! I'm grateful she taught me how to make biscotti. I'm grateful she taught me how to sew on a button. I'm grateful for all the things she taught my mother because now I'm learning those things, too. I'm grateful that she calls my voicemail and leaves sweet voicemails ending with "Love, Mom." Just like you would when you write a letter. So cute! I'm grateful for many more things regarding her and our relationship, and thank the Lord for blessing her (and us) with 92 years on this earth!

2. Easter - This is a given, of course, but I wanted to mention what a blessed day I had! For starters, it was beautiful outside! Our church service just blew me away. The music was incredibly moving, which is my favorite part of worship, and the message hit me to my core. What an overwhelming amazing gift we were given on that day! Now THAT is something to be grateful for!

3. The color green - As in grass, trees, and all the beautiful things sprouting up from the ground now that Spring is here! This might seem random, but it is indeed something I am grateful to see and experience on a daily basis. In 2012, we spent February - April in Arizona. Spring was in full-force when we arrived, but all I saw was brown. Brown houses, brown rooftops, brown yards (most people have loose rocks in their front yards). I saw very little springtime color that spring…. Until I arrived in Tennessee a week into April. A friend picked me up from the airport, and on the way home I couldn't get over how green everything was! It was EVERYWHERE! I couldn't believe how something I usually take for granted - and something so simple - was that beautiful to see! My friend looked at me like I was crazy, because of course, this beauty had been unfolding around her all month long. She was used to it. You don't remember how beautiful spring can be when you're gone for so long. This year, I look out my car window while driving and see vibrant green everywhere I look. It's the little things in life, but this "little" thing is all around us. And I happen to be very grateful to see and experience it!

4. Opening Day of Baseball - I would not be being true to myself -or this blog- if I did not add this one today. Today, April 6th, is MLB's Opening Day. As you can imagine, the past 24 hours have been emotional ones in our house. One year ago, I would NOT have been able to add this to a "Gratitude Project" list. Truth be told (and where else than my very own blog can I be 100% truthful, bad or good)  I am just now able to be comfortable adding it today…but still have a long way to go until I'm truly THERE. That being said, I am grateful for days like today because of what it gave my husband… and indirectly, what it gave me. My friend posted a "Happy Opening Day" quote on Facebook page, and I will leave that below for you to read. It sums up how my husband felt about playing baseball, and I guess the purpose of adding this to the list today is how grateful I am not for baseball itself but for the opportunities it gives people… mostly importantly, the opportunity it gave my husband to have a lifelong dream come TRUE!

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