Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NYC Trip. Part One.

My husband's job is crazy and can change at a moment's notice. So now that I am a wifey, I have to be ready to go/move/travel at a moment's notice! I love it, but sometimes gets a little nuts, seeing myself coming and going! Last week, I found out he was going to New York. So what did I do when I learned my little honey was going to be in my favorite city? I booked a flight to meet him, of course! We were only there for 4 days, but I packed a lot into those 96 hours! I decided to hit up a couple of my NYC staples but also try a couple of new places that I've been dying to try!

The day we got there was a day off for him, so we went to one of my top 3 favorite NYC restaurants: Orso. My aunt has been coming to this place for YEARS, every time she comes to NYC to go to market for Kittie Kyle. It never disappoints.

The wine list is great and peppered with many affordable -yet amazing - bottle options. 
The one we had, above, was great!

Some stand outs on the Orso menu:
Arugula, Trevisano, and Endive Salad with red wine vinaigrette 

Escargot in White wine, bacon, tomato, and truffle oil Brodetto

Sauteed Calf's Liver with Crispy Onions & pine nuts
Don't knock it until you try it. It's surprisingly amazing!

Other stand outs are: Blood orange, shaved fennel, and red lettuce salad with shaved ricotta salata; any of their pizzas; Oven Roasted Quail stuffed with sweet italian sausage, broccoli rabe, pine nuts, and raisins with marsala wine sauce; and the pork chop. This place is small, intimate, and dimly lit - right on Restaurant Row - at 322 W. 46th St. between 8th and 9th. A must-eat for every time I'm in NYC!

This was right across the street from our hotel, and I had been wanting to try it!

The burgers were great & really fresh! 
Chris and I liked them almost as much as our beloved In-n-Out burgers! Ha! 

We were in the mood for something sweet and ordered the "Pretzel! The Concrete" milkshake.
It was chocolate custard, peanut butter sauce, chocolate covered pretzels, and marshmallow sauce.

Chelsea Market = Great place to go, eat, walk around, and eat some more.
This a foodie's paradise!

Saved the BEST for last...
My favorite NYC lunch place: La Bonne Soupe!
Again, I found this place thanks to my aunt. She's been coming here for years, too!
An adorable little French restaurant with the best soups I've ever had!

I always order from the "Les Bonnes Soupes" section of the menu.
One of my favorite soups is their Soupe Paysanne a l'Orge, which is a mushroom and barley soup with lamb. It's one of the tastiest soups I've ever had, which says a lot, because I'm a huge soup fan! This place is small, yet ALWAYS crowded. I highly recommend going here for a great, comforting lunch or light dinner. Amazing soup, warm bread, and a glass of wine? You can't beat it! By the way, you can get way more than soup here. I just stick to the soup because it's that good!
La Bonne Soupe is located at 48 West 55th Street, between 5th & 6th Ave.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little NYC re-cap, part one. Part two coming soon! If you have any NYC places you love to go, please let me know! I love learning about new places!


  1. The Shake Shack sounds like EXACTLY my kind of place! You've been eating some seriously tasty-looking stuff, my dear!
    xo Josie

  2. The Shake Shack sounds so yummy!
    Hope you had a great time in NYC.

  3. Oh I love these photos! NYC is just the best... I have friends there and family in Long Island and I enjoy myself every time I go :)

    I'm actually going in Sept... can't wait!

    P.S. I especially loved the photos w/ the food.. YUM! ;)



  4. Oooh a few of these places are new to me. I'll have to go and try them.

    P.S. I finally launched www.LuxuryMonograms.com. Go check it out and let me know what you think.xx


  5. I love looking at photos from NYC! I've never been so I live vicariously through photos on other people's blogs ; ) Looks like you had an amazing time! The shakes look delicious : )

  6. Love Orso! It's so cute and tucked away and the service is amazing! I will definitely have to try La Bonne Soupe- never been there. After reading this entry I am starving :) come visit again soon!


  7. Oh my gosh, thanks for sharing! Next time we are in NYC, I'm putting these on my must-eat at list!

  8. I love NYC - am very jealous. Great post.

  9. i live down the street from shake shack! I love your spontaneous life! ur lucky that u can travel in a moments'notice! looks like you had a wonderful stay in NY!


  10. Gosh so yummy ! Seems delicious


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  11. Ugh! Shake Shack is the bomb! I dream about it when I am not in NYC. Super jealous! Hope you had a blast in one of my favorite cities.

  12. Yes, the Shake Shack is awesome. You have some fantastic food posts on here. I always leave your blog hungry. lol.