Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day Ideas.

Each year, a few weeks before Mother's Day, I always start thinking about what to get my mom. She is a very gracious gift receiver, (Case in point: She opened up a men's watch one Christmas, because we had mis-tagged it, and GUSHED at how much she loved it before we told her it was dad's.) so anything given with thought and love would be ok with her. However, I like going that extra mile to search out that perfect gift for her. Something she wouldn't buy for herself, or something she hasn't gotten that has to do with one of her hobbies. Something that says thank you for being you....thank you for loving me unconditionally... 

I've put together a list of unique, thoughtful, and fun ideas. Hopefully something on this page inspires you and that each of your lovely mothers has a special day!

How about these beautiful Jerome Rouesseau yellow ostrich sandals?

Or this adorable cheese dome? (Love!)

What about going with a unique terra cotta pot in a stunning turquoise color?
Even better? Plant a flower in there for her! (or get someone else, to! Ha!)

Does your mom love to send hand-written notes? If so, this adorable return address stamp is perfect!

Head over to Luxury Monograms and choose between dozens of patterns and fonts for placemats, pillows, napkins, and more! The most beautiful monogramming website I've ever seen!

Here are a few of Luxury Monogram's amazing pillows!

A statement ring for the jewelry loving moms? Looks a lot like the YSL Arty rings, no?

My mom and I both collection Annie Glass
This might be a great thing to start collecting for your mom!

There are several styles, and they come in gold and silver.
They are gorgeous on their own and paired with other plates!

I hope this list helped you and gave you some good ideas! Enjoy the day with your mom! xx


  1. Hey! I came across your blog and read a few posts. Love it! You should check mine out, let me know what you think, and spread the word. I'll return the favor<3 Please and thanks!

  2. I looooove your yellow pumps! So chic.
    xo Josie

  3. I looooove those shoes and the personalized stamp would make a perfect gift! Great ideas Lindsay.

  4. Just came across your blog. Those yellow shoes are super great!

    Nice post! :)

  5. Everything is soooo pretty and unique! Great finds!!

  6. Absolutely love those shoes and that ring is BA-NA-NAS! I'm hoping for a LV Speedy 35 myself, but chocolate will always do in a pinch ;-) Love your blog!

    xo Faith

  7. the cheese plate is too adorable. too bad i don't have cabinet or counter space to put it.

  8. This post was so helpful!
    I absolutely would love to get my mom monogrammed pillows!

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  10. oh my gosh what great ideas!!! I love that stamp i want one for myself too! xoxo

  11. Fantastic post. I want the ring for myself and I have an almost identical terra turquoise pot at home with some bronze and gold bleeding I love it so much x

  12. i need that cheese dome for me! but i guess mom would like it too:)

  13. Yay! Thanks doll!xx


  14. Love this post,
    Great ideas :)