Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wedding Shower Style.

....Better late than never! I was going through all my blog pictures today and saw all the ones from my bridal showers. I thought, "Surely you posted all these BACK IN OCTOBER.... BEFORE the wedding." I looked like a mad woman all through my blog archives. Nothing. Could it be I forgot to do this post entirely?? After I'd nagged people to take the pictures for me?? Welp. I did. Welcome to my world.

So here's the deal... I had a lot going on before my November wedding, then Thanksgiving, then moving to CA for the months of Dec. and Jan. Then coming back for Christmas....then back to CA. That gives me a free pass, right? Well, I am taking that as a "yes" and posting pictures from my wedding showers today. Even though it's a good 4-5 months later. I am so proud of all the hard work & love everyone put into these showers, and I wanted to share that with all my lovely followers! Hope you enjoy these pictures! These were some amazing times! :)

This was my first shower, hosted by two of my neighbors in my hometown! It was a "Recipe Shower," where people brought their favorite recipes & the kitchen utensils in order to make them.
 Such a clever idea!

Food Network called. They need a new tv star.
Wait.... Did I say Food Network...? 
I meant Comedy Central.

Cute themed corsage for the shower. It had a dish scrubber on it!

Petro Zillia top & skirt. Gucci sunglasses. Two metallic bracelets my mom got me in Charleston, SC.

This was my second shower, which was a "Family Shower," hosted by one of my best friends.
In this picture, one of my other best friends (from pre-school!) and her baby!

Best picture I could find of what I wore that afternoon...
These are my grandparents (Mom's side).
I wore a Missoni maxi dress and one vintage bracelet of my mom's.

Such a special shower!
We had all of our family & close friends there, minus a few, 
so it was very touching to see everyone there...supporting us!

My third shower was thrown outdoors by a few neighbors and friends. 
(One of the hostess was my 6th grade teacher! Must have been good that year.)
This picture is with my sweet mama, who looks AMAZING!
I am wearing a dress from Barney's NY (can't remember the designer) and gold sandals from Nordstrom (also can't remember the brand). Sorry y'all!
My mom is wearing BCBG sandals, blue skirt from Barney's (might be Vince or ALC??), 
tank and shrug from BCBG, Amanda Beck cuff, vintage gold belt, and necklace from a boutique in Chicago.

This is one of my other best friends, the one that hosted the family shower for me!

The beautiful mimosa station!

My 4th shower was an afternoon tea, at the City Hall in my hometown.
It was thrown by 2 of my mom's best friends from college and 7 more of her other close friends.
I chose to finally wear white to one of my bridal showers, ha.
I wore a silk dupioni tiered skirt that I had custom made for me back during my "pageant days." (Oy.)
The lace top is my mom's from Kittie Kyle (the clothing line my mom and aunts designed back in the day), and the belt is from Arden B.

Let's not even talk about what I'm wearing... Look at my little mama!!
Mom is wearing (from what I can remember) a Banana Republic top and skirt, leather obi belt from Kittie Kyle, vintage earrings, and a cuff I designed for her!

With my grandmother (Dad's side)
Doesn't she look amazing??

Y'all, it was decorated so beautifully, it took my breath away!
To the right of the table, there was a violin player, playing throughout the entire shower!
A little over a hundred people from my hometown came to say hello that day.
I was overwhelmed with gratitude! 

My last shower was a "Stock the Cellar" party, 
thrown by my best friend from childhood & her parents.
I wore black top from Kittie Kyle, black Bebe shorts, two sets of vintage necklaces, 
and my favorite part of the outfit.... THE SHOES! (below)

I saved and saved and saved for these puppies!
A lot of people asked me if they were Betsy Johnson shoes, but they aren't. 
I am not at my house in Nashville, so I can't remember the brand.
They are show-stoppers though! Wanted to wear all black with them so they made a PUNCH!
Again, look at my little mama!! Loved the pops of red and mustard yellow.

My bff, Ashley, is so creative. We loved this so much that it hung up in our living room until
about a 2 months ago!

My best friends from college!

Getting some Waterford crystal... I feel like royalty. Chris feels excited, too,
 but probably doesn't know why ;)

This was when you walked in. You signed the guest book and wrote a piece of advice for us, 
as a newly married couple, and then tied it to the tree. Such a fun idea!
Once we got home and read what everyone said, we laughed, cried, and might have
been a little embarrassed. Thanks to my brother and dad! haha

My last shower was the morning of my wedding. My 2 grandmothers and 3 aunts threw me a 
Brides and Bridesmaids Brunch at the Hutton Hotel. (Same place the wedding reception was) 
It was stunning, as you can see!

I wore a black one-shoulder Riller & Fount dress, rhinestone belt, Wolford leopard tights, 
and Rock & Republic heels.

Me & all the hostesses.

Everyone who came.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I wanted to mix things up and not wear white to all of my bridal showers. I choose to wear bold prints & color schemes, and also another favorite look of mine: All black with bold accent jewelry or shoes. Can't go wrong with that - to any event! :) As always, thank you for reading my little blog. It means SO MUCH to me!!! xx


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