Monday, September 27, 2010

Lindsay's Guilty Pleasures.

Hi friends! Sorry for my long absence in the blogging world. It's been weighting on my mind lately, and I am so sorry! Wedding stuff, work, and bridal showers have kept me super busy! (And super happy!) I have several outfit posts that I just don't have time to post today, but I will do it SOON, I promise! For now, I was visiting a favorite blog of mine and found she did a post on guilty pleasures. I loved reading hers, so I thought I would do my own. How funny it is to see what people love to call their guilty pleasures! What are some of yours?

The best kind of gummi bears!

Oh yes. I watch this mess. And LOVE it! haha

Reading Perez Hilton's website

Maybe because they're orange? Maybe because they are DOUBLE stuffed?

Anything from here. Period.

When I found my fiance, I found In-n-Out. True love on both fronts.


  1. Oh, I love reading Perez Hilton too, but mostly his Cocoperez page! So great!

    Great post!

  2. I LOVE holiday Oreos! They're so delicious. My guilty pleasures include Sour Patch Kids and all things Steve Madden.
    xo Josie

  3. I second the Kardashians! I'm also partial to Sour Patch Kids and copious amounts of lipgloss and fake lashes. Matter of fact, I just got lash extensions and did a post on 'em! Great post girl!

  4. I love these posts!

  5. i love keeping up with the kardashians and in n out! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. Love the idea of this post! I would have to say one of my huge guilty pleasures is GUM as well.

  7. haha ummm Haribo gummies win everytime!!!

    Wholesome Fashion

  8. Ahaha, yum gummies! I just love reading celeb gossip on occasion, it's a bad habit of mine. My other guilty pleasure are butter-pecan tarts, I can eat them all day, although they are just the worst for you... Yummm.

  9. Ahh, how cute! I love hearing your guilty pleasures and I should probably add a few of these to my list (Keeping up with the kardashian's especially). Thanks for linking back to my blog! So glad you're busy doing fun happy things!!!


  10. NOTHING is better than In N Out...yum.

    So excited for your wedding - can't wait to see some pictures!

    xx anna jane

  11. oooh mine include swedish fish, expensive mascara, starbucks iced coffee, and anything overly sequin-ed (of course!) :)

  12. In n Out is totally on my list too!