Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Greetings from Sarasota, FL

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while... Been super busy with work, then drove down to FL yesterday with my boyfriend. Loooooong drive! Thankfully, he let me stop in Atlanta to shop for an hour before driving the rest of the way. :)  Today, we decided to mess around Sarasota for the day, stopping to eat at "The Old Salty Dog Cafe." Chris and I love watching "Man vs Food" on the Travel Channel, and Adam went to The Old Salty Dog in one episode. We have a running list of restaurants we want to visit in different cities, and this was one of them. I just had to try the "salty dog." Let's just say it's not the best thing in the world for a person to eat. Ever. (You only live once, right???) I also had one of the best bloody marys I've ever had! It was super spicy, which totally does it for me in terms of any kind of food...especially bloody marys! Chris and I also went to watch the sunset on Anna Maria Island before dinner at The Waterfront Restaurant. It was beautiful - but very, very windy - as you can see in the pictures below.

One of the best-ever Bloody Marys

The Salty Dog, featured on Man vs Food

Snapping some quick pics before the wind blew us away... sorry about the car in the backgroud. Kind of came out of nowhere.

Bracelets I threw on for the adventure :)

Red Wine + cheese plate + beach = heaven.

He said since it was my b'day tomorrow, I could put a picture of him up on the blog!

This sunset is perfection!


  1. Awww, looks like you guys are having a great time!! What a great way to spend your birthday! :)

  2. loving these photos
    great colors, inspiration
    gorgeous darling
    thanks for sharing as always
    loving your blog!


  3. You're in my hometown. Anna Maria is my old stompin grounds! Enjoy!