Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My bff, Ashley, took some more pictures of me today. Mainly, I wanted to get shots of the pyramid of rhinestones I had atop my head. Then I went on with my day, all the while developing this extreme since of gratitude. To be honest, like a lot of people, I hurry throughout my day - trying to be on time to things & not trip while running in heels - with a general sense of gratitude but not completely taking it all in and being truly thankful for it. I recognize how incredibly blessed I I'm thankful to spend another day wandering this earth and chasing my lucky I am to have a supportive and extremely close-knit thankful I am to be a healthy young woman who is lucky enough to be taking any opportunity that comes my way...what a wonderful gift it is to have so many friends who love and believe in you unconditionally. I could go on and on, and one day I might :) But my whole point is that I am a point in my life where I couldn't be happier. My heart is so full of gratitude that I literally think it might burst! I just got engaged, too, which probably has something to do with it :) I just had to get that out there. Thanks for listening reading. I am also thankful for everyone who has chosen to "follow" me and for those who read my blog! I appreciate it more than you know!!

Headband from Kittie Kyle; Vintage belt

Getting my hair done tomorrow...sorry about the roots :)

Love this headbands like this for bad hair days!


  1. what a great headband, love it! What a lovely attitude of gratitude you have!
    Congrats on the engagement