Monday, January 7, 2013

It's A Hat World.

I have fickle hair. More times than not, it acts out & leaves me wanting to shave my head bald! Since I'm sure I wouldn't look like Natalie Portman, I resist and just put on a hat. (now you guys know my secret!) I've started a little collection of hats that I am proud of and aim to keep adding more because I don't see my hair magically deciding to shape up anytime soon. Here are a few hat looks I've been wearing lately... Sorry, in advance, for the iPhone selfies. My little honey was gone for 2 months, leaving me to take pics for myself!

ASOS hat. Kittie Kyle lace tank - one of their 1st designs! 

Monies necklace - old, from Kittie Kyle

Wanted to add this photo to show you my new fave lip color: Nars "damned"

Maybe I deleted the picture of this outfit WITH the hat...? No idea! :)
Wore this outfit with the same hat in the pictures above. 
Furr from Kittie Kyle, denim shirt from J. Crew, boots from Chanel

Hat, blouse and leather leggings from Nordstrom.

Studded beanie from Anthropologie.

Here are some other hats I've been eyeing...

I ordered these two recently, and I cannot wait to wear them!


  1. i love the bigger wool hats - looks like i need hit up nordstrom :)

  2. Love the wide brimmed felt hats! I have been looking for the right one for my large'ish head!
    I think they are just so chic for Winter!

  3. I love hats too. I should wear them more often. I wear them sometimes to hide my frizzy hair when I don't have time to have it blow dry.

  4. Hey the hats...and the lace. Met your Mom at Round Top today...Such a delightful person. We're designers and bloggers too...You have a new follower! XO, Mona

  5. case you want to see who we is the link...

  6. Hi Lindsay,

    I know EXACTLY what you mean sweetie. My Hair is a constant cause of aggravation lol You soooo suit hats, you look amazing !!!

    I look terrible in them lol never been ale to get away with them, unlike you, you look divine.

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics.

    Kisses xx

  7. You look beautiful!!! It was so wonderful to get an e-mail from sweet of you to come find my blog again! Looking forward to catching up!!! :)