Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pretty Cookbooks.

I love cookbooks! I inherited that quality from my mom, without a doubt. She owns between 400 and 500 joke!! I don't care what kind of cookbook it is, if it has recipes that look good to me, I will buy it. My favorite kind come from my childhood hometown. I am from a very small town in West Tennessee, about 80 miles northeast of Memphis, and there are tons of cookbooks that have come out of my town - believe it or not! Most are from churches that put together cookbooks with recipes from members. These are the cookbook "bibles" in which my mom has cooked from since I was a little girl. The worn pages are splattered with grease, and the margins have notes about the substitutions or additions my mom used. Those recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, and my mother lovingly made them for my dad, brother, and me. Those kind of cookbooks hold a special place in my heart because they remind me of where I'm from & the nightly suppers we had around the dinner table when I was growing up. (Thanks Mom!!)

My second favorite kind of cookbook are Junior League cookbooks. I have started collecting those, as well, from different Junior Leagues all over the U.S. The recipes in these cookbooks are more modern versions of classics & loaded with tips and recipes on entertaining!

Last, are the new type of "celebrity" cookbooks. Any actor/celeb chef/hip restaurant owner can write a best selling cookbook these days, but there are a few that really outshine the others. I love the Magnolia Bakery cookbooks, Paula Deen's, Thomas Keller's, Ina Garten, Pioneer Woman, etc. Here are a few I am wanting to add to my collection from this category....

This one from Miette Bakery in San Francisco... how cute!

This one looks wonderful... I love making cookies, especially during the holidays!

I cannot wait to get this one!! She just opened an ice cream shop in Nashville, and I am dying to go! 
I've heard nothing but GREAT things about Jenni's ice cream!

I wouldn't have bought this one, but I read about her new cookbook in the May issue of SELF magazine article recently. That article totally sold me on the cookbook, especially when I saw 4 of the recipes within the book. They look yummy - pretty healthy and comforting!

Loaded with healthy - yet tasty - recipes. I need more of this type of cookbook in my collection!
See it here.

Heard this one was so good! And very southern, which I love ;)
She has another cookbook, too, here.

My mom told me about this one, and just by reading about it on Amazon, I can tell it's written in true Southern fashion! Must get!

All the Momofuku cookbooks are supposed to be great! This one looks the best to me.
I've been to both the Momofuku places and really liked them!

I read about this one a lot. There are supposed to be great pizza recipes in this one!

Wanted to share a little something with you guys... Both of the "Simply" cookbooks by Jennifer Chandler are WONDERFUL! The two cookbooks are "Simply Suppers" and "Simply Salads." I adore the Suppers one, and every single thing I've made has been amazing - and you guessed it, simple! :) I cook from that one almost weekly. Find them here and here.

What are YOUR favorite go-to cookbooks? I'd love to know, so I can share with my mom too!

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  1. These look like some great cookbooks! I really want to get Gwyneth Paltrows's book.

    And I am now following you on twitter and my name on it is Omgitstiffduh

  2. i went to sara foster's kitchen in chapel hill and it was so good - i assume her cookbook would be the same. i really like jamie oliver's cookbook and the classic joy of cooking, of course.

  3. just wish i was a better cook/baker these look great! stop by my blog i acknowledged your blog in my last post with an award!

  4. I've flipped through Gwyneth's cookbook and want it desperately! I can't believe your mom owns 500 cookbooks! That's incredible. I love them but feel like I use them so rarely that they're not usually worth the investment for me.
    xo Josie

  5. these cookbooks look amazing! thanks for sharing them with us, now i know which ones to get. :)

    my go-to cookbook (for baking) is cookies by martha stewart. :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. i love all the cookbooks, my favorites are the dessert focused ones! i really want that milk and cookies cookbook, thanks for sharing!

  7. omg wow, 400-500 cookbooks! LOL! There's something so cozy about cookbooks though isn't there? I only have a few at the moment and have yet to use the recipes but I do actually enjoy looking at them and hopefully making something in the near future. Especially the pastry and desserts ones, yummy!