Thursday, October 7, 2010

Parisian Inspiration

I was browsing around on the Refinery 29 site and saw these amazing pictures from Paris Fashion Week. Those Parisians are always right on the mark, no? Here are my faves and why I loved them... Enjoy! xx

Black on Black (my all time fave look) with an interesting twist,
to keep from being boring.

Leopard wedges with a pop of orange sock?
So unique and unexpected! The addition of the
feather bag is the perfect way to top off this outfit!

Love the mix of black and brown suede to give the all black
look some laid-back texture. Plus, I mentioned here how much
I love brown and black together after years of hating it!

Leopard pants. Need I explain why I love this look?
I think not :)

Classic style punched up with great sunnies, leather jacket, and
a FAB pair of shoes!

I love how the outfits so are original and put together in a
quirky, lady-like way.


  1. Love 'em! I just ordered a parka like the one in the second picture!

  2. Always amazing - great inspiration!

  3. The second and second-to-last looks are my favorites -- stunning!
    xo Josie

  4. i really love the leopard pants look. amazing!

    <3, Mimi

  5. the leopard pants with gray top/jacket and BLUE shoes! I LOVE it!!!

  6. Love these pictures!! Especially the colorful high-waisted pants!

  7. thanks for sharing a bit of inspiration!

    xoxo, Miyan

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