Saturday, May 22, 2010

Giveaway Details!

Happy Weekend Everyone!! I finally figured out what the giveaway is going to be! It took me a while because I wanted to find something special enough for each of you who have taken the time to visit my blog, comment, and follow me. I found 2 things that were pretty fabulous, so I decided to have another give away at 150 followers, too! Here's the unveiling.....

I saw this wildly fabulous ring, and I knew this was it!! The giveaway starts today and ends on Wednesday night at midnight, central time. I am still not sure on how to pick a winner, and I want it to be fair. I think I have a fun idea, but I will keep you guys updated within the next couple of days how I plan to do it!

Here are the details to enter:
1. You have to be a follower to enter! Leave a comment letting me know what your favorite post has been so far. I would love to know what you guys like about the blog, what you'd like to see more of, etc.
2. Make sure to include your email so I can get in touch with you should you win the little darling.
3. Keep coming back :) I visit each and every blog that leaves a comment, and it's been wonderful to discover new ones and continue to visit the ones I already know and love.

Again, thank you for the blog love!! It means a ton to me! Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey there! Yep, I'm in Pittsburgh and would be happy to give you a rundown of everything to do and see when your up here! And, of course the best shopping lol. I couldn't find your e-mail but mine is

    - Jayme

  2. Can't possibly pick one favorite post, love! I did really like your "Pretty Summer Things" post, but "Modern Romance" was lovely as well -- I liked how you picked a theme and ran with it. Love the ring -- what a fab giveaway! And of course I'm a follower!
    xxoo Josie

  3. Congrats on your first giveaway I love all of your posts because they are AMAZING. My email address is

    Good luck to everyone

  4. Thanks for following! My favorite entry was the To me. From me. because I totally justify my fancy shoe purchasing. I really enjoy your blog because you have a great sense of style and it gives me ideas to do with items of my own. Keep the shoe post coming! Congrats on doing so well with your blog. Email

  5. I loved your scone recipe post.x

  6. I love being a follower of your blog b/c of all the clothes, food, perfume & shoes I mean what else can a girl ask for! LOL My fav post was your "Red Dress. Special Day." I just was so happy to hear your good news and see all the pictures! You totally deserve such a great guy and was so happy to hear about it and can't wait to see post of wedding plans too maybe! Every post is good but honestly that was my fav. Am I a girl or what! Anyways love the giveaway and have good luck making it to 150 followers.

  7. * I love the posts on YOURSELF and JEWELRY. I want to see more photos of you! I loved the photo of your shoes :) You make me want to shop! I hope to hear from ya as well

    * following indeed for more updates


    BEST, chris

  8. i really love your Crazy Weekend post just because it's a fabulous outfit! my favorite things in life are good food and good clothes, and your blog has a little bit of both which i love. that little gem of a ring is beautiful. enough structure to make a statement, but still delicate and lovely. keep up the good work!

    best, lauren

  9. New to your blog, but so far I've loved everything I've seen :) Great giveaway!

  10. I loved your "red dress. special day" post because of the food porn pics and your sexy red dress...annnnnnd my email is

  11. its always super hard for me to pick favorite posts because I tend to love lots of things :) but I really liked your Indianapolis post and especially the part about that really cool wine-tasting place!!

    the ring is gorgeous, you definitely picked a winner!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  12. my favorites are mothers day scones & arm candy (i just did a post on them too) hehe love the ring!

    Anna Katrina

    p.s- i love your blog & wanted to know if you wanted to exchange links (fingers crossed!)

  13. I am a big fan of your Arm Candy post as I'm always looking for new accessories/jewelry.

    Enter me for the giveaway! (I'm a follower)

    Anna Jane

  14. Oh Lindsay! I just love your blog! You have great taste and a wonderful person. My favorite blog thus far has to be Arm Candy. It was done shortly after giving you that link to the rings, bracelets and watches. I must say I was kinda hoping to see one of them on there lol. I cant wait to keep reading!

    Love ya,

  15. I LOVE the Red Dress, Special Day post just because I'm sentimental and love hearing engagement stories.

    I do love all of your posts though!


  16. I cannot pick just one post [bc they all are ah-mazing], but if I had to pick a fave it would be "Arm Candy." Those YSL cuffs were insane. Loved it. Accessories are pretty much my fave about fashion, so I always get excited when I stumble upon something new and fabulous. (:

    Thanks for visiting my blog as well! I appreciate your sweet comment! I will be def following your blog!!


  17. I really love the fact that you aren't just strictly a fashion blog, but more as a culture blog. i loved the scones post, because honestly, when people have blogs STRICTLY fashion, it gets a little boring sometimes. But when you mix things up, it becomes cool and much more fun:)

    Love the ring! It's really cool!

  18. I just swooned after your ShopBop post and your Boutique 9 shoes (so amazing!) and decided I must follow! Apparently just in time ;) That ring is beautiful

  19. love your sense for jewelry!

    check out my brand new blog and let me know what you think! :)

    <3 follow

  20. My favorite post would be Arm Candy! I love how you don't just do clothing fashion, you also do jewelry and other things in the industry. Great blog, and thank you so much for the two comments, it means a lot! Love the ring, hope I win!
    I followed:x

  21. Amazing blog Lindsay! I'm only a new follower but I'm very inspired from your posts. Love how you have a combination of fashion, travel/food and life. Some of my favourite post are; "Fashion Obsessed Friday", "Inspired" and "Arm Candy". Great ring!

    Keep up the amazing work Lindsay xxx

  22. Yayayayayaa I'm now following. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog, when people read my blog it means the world to me. I like the posts where do have your own style they are my favourite.

    + + + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + + + +

  23. Thanks for the comments. :)

    Lovely ring.


  24. wow, i have just spent the last 2 hrs of my life stalking your amazing blog! haha very impressive, im glad you stopped by mine or i would have never come across yours!
    I have come to a conclusion about which was my favorite post, umm i not sure when it was but its called "Spring Shoe Love"
    my favorite pair are the Camilla Skovgaard for a number of reasons:
    1. her shoes never cease to amaze!
    2. i am obsessed with the bottom on them, even though i would grind it away from overwear, i love it!
    3. the colour is so versitile!
    4. my name is camilla! haha

    but yeah thats my favorite post of yous, you have great taste in shoes, so more shoe posts would be fantastic!
    ahh i love the ring also! haha you have a new follower that will be back for sure!

    much love



  25. wow lovely ring its really cool amazing i love that

  26. Hey.
    Your blog is really cool and you do a great job! Your sense of style is really amazing, especially in jewelry. The only thing I 'd suggest is to make the photos larger.
    My favourite posts are "Friday Fashion Obsession" beacuse I love Miroslava Duma and "Arm Candy" because I LOVE jewelry too!

    I wish you to reach 100000000000 followers!
    Keep blogging, keep rocking!

  27. heyy love your blog! check out mine and maybe we can follow eachother!


  28. LOVE the post on your mother's style, makes me want to do the same. think that has been my favorite post since I have become a follower.

    great first giveaway! we had our first giveaway last week :)


  29. I the love your posts on yourself, and your latest one on your Mum (who looks AMAZING!!!), post a couple more recipes :P. The ring look really unusual, by the way, in a good way of course.


  30. Thank you so much for the comments! I'm always so surprised to see people actually look at my blog.

    The post about your mom is adorable. I wish my mom could be my inspiration, but she's more inspired by me. (She's 10x more likely to wear something stylish if I tell her to or I wear it first)


  31. I love either your scone post, or the one about your mom :) (I'm all about food & family).

    omg that ring is so cute!!

  32. Omg. I love your Friday Fashion Obsession post, her style is amazing then I was thinking.... I cant decide if I love the Fashion one or all the food yummness posts you do. So I love them all haha.
    And that ring is awesome! Where did you get it from?

    or this is my blog

  33. Following with bloglovin!
    I'm a new follower so I haven't seen too many entries but I LOVE the one with your mom! Its great that you both dress so wonderfully and the pictures are cute! :D
    I love all different types of posts so I don't care if its fashion, food, travel, whatever! :D

  34. missed out ;( on the giveaway.
    xx ediot